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Moving Home

Advice on specific issues

For an excellent guide to moving home try ''Buying a House or Flat' published by Penguin Books and written by Vickers & Co. consultant Lesley Vickers.

The following is a very brief description of the buying process. The two main stages are:

  • Exchange of contracts
  • Completion

Before exchange of contracts:

There is no legally binding agreement - either the buyer or the seller can change their minds.

If you are the seller we will:

  • Obtain the deeds (usually from your mortage lender).
  • Prepare the contract.
  • Ask you to complete a questionaire about your property.

If you are the buyer we will:

  • Check the wording of the contract.
  • Check with the local authority to see there are no motorways planned nearby or other unpleasant surprises.
  • Make enquiries with the seller to check on any matters that may affect the price.

Make sure everyone in the chain is going to complete their move at the same time.

Exchange of contracts:

When we have exchanged contracts for you there is a legally binding agreement. Both the buyer and the seller are bound. The buyer normally pays a 10% deposit to the seller. A date for completion will be agreed and written into the contract.


Typically the purchase of a property is completed two to three weeks after the contracts are exchanged. The buyer pays the seller the sale price less the deposit already paid. The seller hands over the keys and the buyer moves in.

After completion:

If you are the buyer we arrange for:

  • 'Stamp duty', which is a type of Government tax, to be paid.
  • You to be registered at the Land Registry as the new owner - you are not the legal owner until your name has been registered.
  • The Deeds to be sent to your mortage lender.

If you are the seller we arrange for:

  • Repayment ('redemption') of your mortgage.
  • The sale proceeds to be used towards purchase of your new home (or paid to you).

Why choose Vickers & Co?

We do not offer the cheapest possible quotations but:

We do not charge any hidden extras (such as a separate fee for acting for your mortgage lender or undisclosed office overheads).do not send you an inflated bill at the end of the case claiming it was more complicated then keep you informed of not refuse to take your telephone calls or fail to call you back.will deal with your case promptly.

For other information please e-mail:

Also see conveyancing and business links.

N.B. for information only - this guide does not replace the advice of a solicitor.

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