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Making a Will

Advice on specific issues

Why make a will?

Making a Will won't kill you but could be the best way to see your family are provided for if you are killed. You can direct that your money and property go to those relations, friends, and charities you choose. It may also help you save tax.

What does a Will do?

A Will generally does several of the following:

  • Cancels any previous Wills you might have made.
  • Appoints the people who will see your money and property are distributed as you have asked.
  • Appoints guardians for any young children.
  • States if any person is to receive a particular possession such as an item of jewellery or if a person is to be given a small sum of money.
  • Says who is to have the bulk of your money and property.
  • Tells people if you want to be buried or cremated.

What happens if I don't make a Will?

How much will it cost?

A straight forward Will prepared by Vickers & Co. costs less than 100 sterling or a little over 100 for 'mirror' Wills for a married or cohabiting couple (i.e. Wills in which one spouse or partner leaves everything to the other and vice-versa).

There is no additional charge for life-time storage of the Will.

How often should I make a fresh Will?

Always make a new Will after:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce

Always consider making a new Will if you:

  • Win the lottery or come into money.
  • Go bankrupt or nearly bust.
  • Start a family or a grandchild is born.
  • Are affected by a change in the tax rules.
  • Fall out with someone named in the Will.

For advice:

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N.B. for information only - this guide does not replace the advice of a solicitor.

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