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Housing Disputes & Rental Agreements

Advice on specific issues

This is another specialist area of the law.

Some firms will for their own reasons act either for landlords or tenants but not both. Solicitors and staff at Vickers & Co. hold a wide variety of political opinions and we are happy to act for either tenants or landlords to the best of our ability.


Typical work includes:

  • Preparing tenancy agreements
  • Serving notices to end tenancies
  • Advising on obligations imposed by (i) the tenancy agreement and (ii) Acts of Parliament (e.g. repairing covenants).

Courts work includes:

  • Possession proceedings (including the accelerated procedure for assured shorthold tenancies).
  • Money judgments (e.g. rent arrears)
  • Defending disrepair and harassment claims.


You may be entitled to free or subsidised legal advice.

We can:

  • Fight possession proceedings
  • Apply to Court for repairs to be carried out.
  • Claim compensation if your home is in disrepair.
  • Help you with transfers and rehousing.
  • Make complaints to the relevant Ombudsman on your behalf
  • Assist with transferring a tenancy on a relatives death.

For further information:

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