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Divorce & Family Disputes

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It is a mistake to think of divorce as the death of a marriage: it isn't. It is the burial of a marriage that is already dead. England's high divorce rate doesn't necessarily mean more broken marriages than elsewhere - it means that rather than let a dead marriage fester English law gives it a decent burial. And there is life after divorce - the Court of Appeal have said so.

Divorce is a process in which family lawyers require different skills to their colleagues : they must take into account emotions, not just of their own client but of the family as a whole, particularly where children are involved. They must not forget former family members may have to deal with each other for years to come. A good family lawyer will encourage them to do so in a civilised manner.

In family work High Street solicitors have a clear advantage over their colleagues in firms more used to dealing with commercial clients. Local family solicitors can be more relaxed and face less pressure to put their profit-margins before their professional judgment.

The divorce process can be divided into 4 different main areas:

In that process the following is important:

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